The importance of building connections at the office.

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Effective Networking

I can recall when I briefly worked as a receptionist for a government contracting company. When I first starting working at this company there was a good rapport between me, my fellow employees and the management. A couple times a week a large group of the employees that enjoyed socializing with one another would go out to lunch together at a nearby restaurant. Several times they asked me to join them but I could not accept because at the time I was on a limited budget. As time passed, I began to notice that they didn’t make an attempt to socialize with me anymore in the office and the good rapport was fading.

It was not a surprise when I was let go from this position by a manager that implied that they wanted a receptionist that had a more “bubbly” personality. My job performance was fine but because I didn’t go out of my way to socialize with people, she felt that I didn’t have an outgoing attitude.

This experience is memorable because I learned that making an effort to create bonds even when it’s not convenient can impact your professional success. Trying to be too strict with my budget ended up costing me a job and making my financial situation worse. Reflecting back on this situation, I believe that I could have made more of an effort to connect with the group. After learning this lesson, at my next job I socialized with people that I had a natural rapport with occasionally outside of the office.


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