Connecting with Organizations

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Effective Networking
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In a previous post, I explained that joining organizations that have connections you need can assist you in fulfilling your purpose. I also stressed that the primary reason for joining an organization should because of your passion for the cause of the group. There are numerous criteria to look for to see if a group is the right fit for you but for this post I’ll be focused on two additional standards you need to be aware of before joining an organization.

As human beings, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we have a primary need for love and belongingness. This means that all of us need to identify and belong to a group of people that have similar values to our own. Once you’ve determined that you’re passionate about a group’s cause, the next standard is to see if the organization’s core values match your values because in the process of joining a group we agree to subscribe and promote the core interests of that organization. This can also mean that we compromise some of our personal values to conform to the group.

The last criteria I’ll be discussing is the leadership of the organization. First and foremost, the leadership should display competency, respectfulness towards others and personal integrity. Does the leadership use manipulative techniques or empowerment to get membership cooperation? In order to keep unity and cohesiveness, an organization uses identification to strengthen the connection between its members and the organization. Leaders that use the technique of identifying with their members’ needs is more persuasive than using guilt. When you believe the leader shares your values, you’re more receptive to believing what they’re saying. If you see these qualities displayed within the organization, you’re on the right tract to finding a constructive connection with an organization.


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