Mastering Nonverbal Communication while Networking

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Effective Networking

The way people see you, your competence, trustworthiness, and friendliness with them relates directly to your nonverbal communication. By both observing and demonstrating nonverbal communication people can grow and learn how to function together. Nonverbal communication can also convey dominance and territorial issues between people. Such moves range from staring, crowding, leaning, interrupting people, and overwhelming them with big gestures. If a person believes that they’re ineffective at networking, there could be several issues that hinder their message, nonverbal cues being one of them.

Nonverbal communication plays a large role in everyday communication, an important part of deciphering what someone means is using body language to read in between the lines. Since nonverbal communication messages can be unintentional, people can be unaware that their nonverbal cues at times contradict their verbal cues. If you agree but frown and turn away, your actions contradict your words. When this happens, people believe the nonverbal. When your body language creates an uncomfortable environment which will hinder communication, the other person may form a negative impression of you. Becoming aware and conveying welcoming body language will increase the likelihood of creating a positive impression while networking.


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