At some point in every relationship there will be disagreement. If everyone agreed on everything, ideas would become monotonous and there would be no one to challenge incorrect thinking. All of us are different and bring our unique ideas to our surroundings. Conflict can be productive if the people involved can facilitate a communication style is respectful and purposeful.

The intention of a conflict shouldn’t be to win an argument but to consider, learn and understand what the other person believes. I don’t believe conflict is negative in itself but the way people react to conflict can be negative. Conflicts don’t have to be a battle where one person is completely right and the other is completely wrong. I choose to see conflict as a challenge or opportunity to work together, see another perspective that can teach me something and an opportunity to remain respectful of dissenting opinions. A harsh and unloving spirit is out of place in the discussion.

To maintain healthy relationships and nurture connection it’s important to have a goal of coming to agreement when possible without compromising your beliefs, also to work together for a common purpose of displaying unity. Preserving connections requires us to not be selfish putting our own interests ahead of others and being humble having a high opinion of others’ value. Cultivating connection during a disagreement is dependent on having the mindset that each person has something beneficial to contribute to the conversation.


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