Knowing your audience is the key to connection.

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Effective Networking, Gift of Connection Project
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Most of us have been through an experience where we’ve left a conversation wondering what just happened here. After this has happened to me, I’m usually trying to figure out where the conversation went off track after the fact. The way the other person interpreted my statement wasn’t my true intention at all. After analyzing the other person’s statements, I find myself saying, if I had only been thinking, I would’ve said this instead.

When people have different experiences they may have a different context of the words you’re saying than what was actually intended. We must fully listen to the other person’s response to gauge if our message was understood. This is why it’s important to learn about others beliefs. Ignorance of others core beliefs will lead to misunderstanding, offending cultural traditions and discrimination against those who don’t subscribe to our belief system. Speaking for myself, I can say that not being aware of another person’s worldview that I’m networking with makes it difficult to understand the reason they may view aspects of life from a different perspective.

During the course of on initial conversation with someone it’s crucial to find out the area where the person was raised, the different worldviews they were exposed to and the culture in their environment because this will play a major role in building their various beliefs. Knowing this information brings clarity and understanding to the role their belief system plays in their relationships and to see if there’s a potential connection between the two of you to build on for a future relationship.


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