Using Conversation Management to enhance connection.

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Effective Networking, Gift of Connection Project
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Facial expressions can show emotions, but they also are used for conversation management. There are some advantages to monitoring facial expressions for conversation management. High self-monitors are usually great interpersonal communicators since they’re more focused on the reactions of others. It’s effortless to have a conversation with them because they’re engaged listeners and can interpret emotions well. They’re more concerned about putting a person at ease so they will give pleasing feedback. High self-monitors are focused on the opinion of others, so it’s easy to get along with them.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to being a high self-monitor. If they’re bored with the conversation they’ll pretend they’re interested just to create a good impression. They’re such good actors you never know how they truly feel. Are they presenting an authentic portrayal of who they really are or are they creating an identity that’s pleasing to their audience? If they disguise how they truly feel, can you connect with them on a personal level?

As the motto goes, everything in better in moderation. We must balance monitoring the emotions of others and ourselves in conversations. We need to know when it’s appropriate to be “politically correct” to spare someone’s feelings and when they need to hear the truth in a loving way. If we focus too much on others impressions of us, it would be impossible for us to be our true selves, the person we were created to be. When networking people are seeking authentic connections and if they feel insincerity on your part there will be a hesitancy to want to partner in a business relationship.


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