Creating a narrative to cultivate connection.

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Effective Networking, Gift of Connection Project
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We as human beings respond to narratives or stories. Written stories are interesting but face to face storytelling is an art that can’t be replaced. I carry this principle with me when networking and I need to sell myself, I create a story to illustrate my point and to remember certain themes instead of memorizing key points verbatim so I can convey more emotion. The goal is to covey a visual picture with words.

Another benefit of using narratives or illustrations is that it brings credibility to your position. If two people disagree with one another, an effective way to get the other person to see a different point of view is to tell a story related to the situation. Storytelling transports people to different points of view so they can reinterpret or reframe what your “facts” mean to them. Stories evoke certain emotions and subsequently work very well at grabbing our attention. This technique works well on children and explains why children gravitate towards storybooks. We all need a break from the objective real world every now and then to enjoy ourselves with others. When you stimulate human emotions with a story, you point those emotions in a certain direction. At networking events that I’ve attended the people that are most memorable are the ones that had an interesting story.


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