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I’ve been writing this blog for 3 years about helping people find connections they need that can empower them fulfill their purpose. ¬†I’m believing that I will be able to use this gift in my full-time career. I’ve gotten close a couple of times but so far nothing has materialized. Regardless, I’ve loved helping other people get the connections they need.

Okay, so I was set up. I thought I was going to see a comedy show in Nashville but in the middle of the jokes, I received a profound message. ¬†Michael Jr. is a great comedian who’s also a Christian. He does some of his shows at churches. I believe my answer was revealed at his show.

I grew up as a latch key kid and from about the age of eight I had to be very independent and responsible for myself. I’ve always taken pride in the things I was able to accomplish on my own without support from anyone. The problem with this is that because I’m seen as a strong, dependable person, I help others and don’t like asking others for help unless I can’t do it.

Michael Jr. showed me that I have a problem receiving from others. Getting things from people makes me feel uncomfortable unless it’s for a special occasion. I may be the reason that other people haven’t offered to support me. Would if that’s the reason my dreams haven’t materialized? What I finally accepted is that I should give to others but I should let others also be blessed by letting them give to me.

Michael Jr. did something so amazing at his show. He called up an audience member that happened to be deaf and her interpreter. He asked her if there was anything she needed. She was reluctant (she probably also had a problem receiving) but she eventually said she could use a special needs nurse to help take care of her child so she could go out on a date sometimes with her husband.

Michael Jr. asked if there was a special needs nurse in the audience and the was only one. So he connected them and the nurse was willing to help care for her child. Of course this gave me goose bumps as a person who loves to connect people. Stay tuned, he plans on doing this more at his shows and I hope I can somehow be a part of helping this project.




Before you begin networking to get connections, you should be sure you’ve discovered your true purpose. I often hear the question, “How can I be sure that I know what my purpose is?” Here’s some questions you can ask that can help you figure it out.

Passion- What are the things I love to do? The subjects that I’m interested in and engage me the most?

Mission- What’s a problem in the world that needs a solution? The topics that I become outraged or empathetic about?

Vocation- What are the potential careers in this field that I can be paid for?

Profession- What is my skill set? What do I naturally do well that other people may not? What things do other people give me compliments on? What things do I get satisfaction out of doing and energizes me while I’m doing them?

Finding the area where these questions intersect (the inner circle) is your true purpose. Once you start networking in this area, you will start to operate from your sweet spot, aligning yourself with your purpose.

Last week, October 5-11, 2014 was Mental Health Awareness Week. This was the perfect opportunity to create a twitter event to encourage others to tweet using the #JustSayHello hash-tag. The Just Say Hello campaign was created to help people make an effort to reconnect with someone they have lost touch with or engage in a conversation with a person they wouldn’t normally talk to. Intentionally making meaningful connections can reduce the silent epidemic of 60 million Americans that suffer from loneliness.

As an incentive to get people to participate in this twitter event, I partnered with the women’s empowerment non-profit, I Know Somebody Houston to give one woman 2 FREE Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend Tickets when she comes to the Toyota Center in Houston, TX October 17-18, 2014. There were some remarkable women that tweeted using the #JustSayHello hash-tag the dream they felt they could accomplish with the tools they would learn at this Oprah event focused on walking in your purpose.

It was so difficult to judge the entries because there are some women doing amazing work. The winner is Tracie Jae, she does introspective work with couples to help strengthen marriages. She’s looking for the tools from this conference to help her launch a seminar called “Would I Marry Me” to help people recognize and fix the brokenness within themselves so they can enter marriage whole. I’m so grateful to be able to give her this opportunity to get the missing link she needs to start walking in her purpose and create a more meaningful life for herself and others.