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I’ve discussed in previous posts about how to advance your career by figuring out how to be an asset to people who can open doors of opportunity for you professionally. I would like to elaborate on some specific ways to accomplish this. If people see you as an answer to their problem, you’ll be considered as a resource instead of a burden.

  • (WHAT) Know what you bring to the table

I believe every person has something they do great in a unique way that differentiates them from anyone else. I’ve recommended Gallup’s Strength Finder Assessment if you need some guidance to figure out your top strengths. Your abilities and gifts will be WHAT you can do to be the answer.

  •  (WHY) What problems do you want to solve?

You should be passionate about what your called to do. If you’re not interested in fixing the problem then that’s not your calling. This should be your motive as to WHY you’re motivated to do something.

  • (WHO) Who’s the person that you can help?

This is where you have to do some research on WHO you want to help by talking to your connections to figure out their needs. Also, you may want to start serving people where it doesn’t benefit you so you can gain experience using your abilities and later help people where it does benefit you as a strategic career move.

  • (HOW) How can you use your skills to fix the problem?

Once you know who you’re helping then you can customize your approach on HOW to use your specific abilities to be the answer to their problem.

As you continue to build a reputation for being the answer doing what you’re called to do, opportunities will start to present themselves.



Before you begin networking to get connections, you should be sure you’ve discovered your true purpose. I often hear the question, “How can I be sure that I know what my purpose is?” Here’s some questions you can ask that can help you figure it out.

Passion- What are the things I love to do? The subjects that I’m interested in and engage me the most?

Mission- What’s a problem in the world that needs a solution? The topics that I become outraged or empathetic about?

Vocation- What are the potential careers in this field that I can be paid for?

Profession- What is my skill set? What do I naturally do well that other people may not? What things do other people give me compliments on? What things do I get satisfaction out of doing and energizes me while I’m doing them?

Finding the area where these questions intersect (the inner circle) is your true purpose. Once you start networking in this area, you will start to operate from your sweet spot, aligning yourself with your purpose.