Building Connections through Customer Service

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Effective Networking
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If your career involves a product or service in any way, you’re in the business customer service either directly or indirectly. To give the best customer service, it’s important to build a connection with the customer. As a career coach, if I can establish a bond or rapport with a client, they will be more motivated to listen to my advice. If there’s no connection they are less likely to be concerned with maintaining the cohesiveness of the working relationship.

Obviously, I don’t change my personality to match each client in order to build a rapport but I do my best to understand and identify with their needs. Understanding their background, emotions and attitudes can assist in tailoring techniques to that specific client. You have to make an emotional investment with others if you want to earn their business.

I’ve gone to a restaurant and had a meal that tasted average but I had exceptional customer service so I would go back to eat at that restaurant. But if I had the same meal and terrible customer service I wouldn’t consider going back. What’s the difference, it’s the kind of experience the customer walked away with.

A server that seems invested our experience, is pleasant, says something memorable or humorous, pays attention to small details, and is attentive to our needs can be to difference between a one-time customer and a repeat customer. People go out of their way to boast about receiving outstanding service and will refer your business to their family and friends. Use superior customer service as a way to build connections with your repeat customers and you can create a network that can boost your career or business to a higher level.


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