Networking with a Twist

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Effective Networking
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I recently attended a networking event that had an interesting approach, speed networking. Similar to speed dating each person gets thirty seconds to share their elevator pitch with each person about what they do and see if there’s potential to make a business connection and then move to the next person in the line.  What I liked about this was that I got a chance to network with everyone at the event in a short period of time without getting trapped in a conversation with people that I didn’t share a connection with. There were also some tips shared at this event that I found to be valuable.

  • Create a concise elevator pitch, thirty seconds or less that shares what you do in an engaging way and targets how what you do can benefit the person who’s listening.
  • Recruit people to help share your message with their network and pay them a referral fee to bring you customers.
  • Learn what your target demo graph is for your product or service and what their needs are so you don’t waist time pursuing the wrong leads.
  • When you’re networking find out what the other person’s need are and see if there are areas where you can collaborate and help one another.
  • Learn how to target your message to groups and start speaking at different organizations that would be interested in your service to expand your potential customer base.

Finally, when all else fails start your own networking group that meets at least once a month. Invite two or three friends and ask them to invite two or three friends. Find out what each persons needs are and how you can help each other. Also during your meeting share valuable content that would be helpful to the members of your group.


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