Being Open to Making New Connections

As humans it is our nature to judge others based on outwards appearances. We tend to gauge a person’s social status by the clothes they wear, body shape, and attractiveness which can lead us to favor some people over others. The evidence from our culture overwhelmingly supports the notion that initially we respond more favorably to those we perceive more physically attractive than to those we see as unattractive.

I would like to challenge this mind-set to say that the connection you’re looking for may not look like you expect. I have a family member that from the outward appearance doesn’t have her life together but one day while we were talking, she had an in-law drop by the house and he had a business connection for my husband. I learned from this experience you never know who can give you the connection you need and not to make preconceived judgements about who people may know that can grow your career. It may not be a good idea to share your goals with everyone but for those people you trust, it could be beneficial to see what connections in your career field they might have even if by outward appearance you think they wouldn’t have the right connection.