Discover how practicing connectedness can empower you

In my last post, I discussed one of my top strengths, connectedness. The application of connectedness is that I’m constantly seeing how people and events are related and that I enjoy doing activities with others. Knowing your top strengths can give you a better awareness of how to best contribute to a team and personal relationships.

At times we can get caught up in our own world because we’re distracted and not be particularly concerned about what happens to other people. Living in the present moment instead of being distracted in the presence of others allows us to be available to connect and identify with people that are experiencing similar situations to our own. If we pay attention, everyday there are lessons being revealed to us in the world by situations we observe, hear about, experience, and read.

If we do not pay attention to the subtle things that are happening directly around us daily, it is easy to ignore the solutions that we are actually looking for. My challenge to you this year is to be fully present with others around you and to make more of an effort during conversations to see if you can connect in areas of your life that you need support and solutions. You may discover the answer that can empower you in a certain area was right under your nose.