Playing the cards you’re dealt

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Achieving your Goals
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I don’t know how to play poker but from the people that I’ve watched that are good at playing poker, I’ve observed that they know how to turn a bad or mediocre hand of cards into a winning hand. The same applies to all of us. When we’re born, we’re dealt a hand of cards.

(This information came from Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and author of the Purpose Driven Life.)


  1. Chemistry (DNA) – Chemistry is our DNA, hair type, eye color, ethnicity, intellect, athletic build, etc.
  2. Circumstances- Where we’re born, financial status, educational opportunities, health conditions, etc.
  3. Connections- family, friends, co-workers, spouse, etc.
  4. Consciousness (What we believe about ourselves) – self-esteem, worldview, etc.
  5. Choice (Wild Card)

So how do you change your life to go in a positive direction if you’ve been dealt a bad hand? In life, we have the wild card called CHOICE. We can’t change our DNA, the circumstances and the family we were born into but with the choices we make every day we can change the hand we were dealt. Here’s how you can take the cards you were dealt and start to turn them into a winning hand.

Generally speaking, make better choices:

  1. Seek to improve yourself by making intentional choices daily.
  2. Search for opportunities to change your location to a better environment that offers better educational and career prospects.
  3. Use service towards others as a way to connect yourself to productive people that are making a difference in the community and remove yourself from the people that are bad influences.
  4. Challenge incorrect thoughts and expose yourself to elevated ways of thinking.

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