Distraction: The Enemy of Connection.

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Gift of Connection Project
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Wisdom includes being open each day to taking the necessary time to learn from others. Living in the present moment instead of being distracted in the presence of others allows us to be available to connect and identify with people that are experiencing similar situations to our own. If we pay attention, everyday there are lessons being revealed to us in the world by situations we observe and experience. If we don’t pay attention to the subtle things that are happening directly around us daily, it’s easy to ignore the solutions that we’re actually looking for.

Americans have become addicted to technology to the point that people can’t put down their iPhones during dinner and give their full attention to the people that are sitting right in front of us. These superficial connections have taken the place of the preparation of healthy meals that families eat together, enjoying outdoor recreational activities together, children playing outside, couples going on regular dates and spending quality time together, etc. Without meaningful connections it’s not surprising more people aren’t making the connections that empower their potential.

In our society, there’s an emphasis placed on individualism rather than being a part of community; in times of adversity we’re expected to suck it up, tough it out, and show what we are made of. Why do we, especially as women carry burdens on our own? For many reasons but most commonly we feel we can handle the issue without any help, we don’t want to admit we can’t handle the situation, or don’t want to burden anyone else with our problems. The truth is that in moderation friends (our community) are usually happy to support another friend in a time of need. Having strong social ties and real connections with people can be the answer to accomplishing a difficult task. We can accomplish so much more with a team than we can by ourselves.


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