I’m passionate about connecting people with the organization, person or opportunity to better their life in any area, being purposeful putting people together in the area they need. So in order to do this, I need to find points of connection.

I’ve described in previous posts about the people you’re the closest to, your core connections (people you relate with on a deeper level on distinct elements of compatibility). When explaining to people elements of compatibility, a way to simplify it is to say points of connection. Points of connection are areas you have in common with others, the more you have in common especially on what’s most important to you, the likelihood increases of finding a core connection.

For example, people that I’m moderately close with I may share two points of connection, we both belong to the same organization and we live in the same neighborhood. On the other hand, my best friend and I share at least a dozen points of connection and that’s why she’s a core connection. I usually advise people when going to a networking event not to focus on finding people they share many points of connection with but people that have points of connection in the areas that they’re most passionate about. If you can connect with people that are just as passionate about a particular cause as you, then it’s easier to work together to accomplish great things.

I recently did this in the networking group I attend, I Know Somebody Houston.  As I talked to different people in the room, I found Vernetta Freeney. She owns a company called Women are Gamechangers where she helps women that may be intimidated to network find mentors or like-minded women that can help them grow their business. During my conversation with her, I geared my questions towards her philosophy on networking to see if we were compatible and her level of passion about networking. We both saw the point of connection and decided to help each other by promoting our services during a Twitter Chat this coming Monday, July 7th at 7:00 pm. Please join us to ask your questions about how to find the connections you need to go to the next level in any area of your life.


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