Building your “Dream Team” for success: Finding Core Connections.

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Effective Networking
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Have you ever wondered why you were once close with certain people that you went to school with or you lived close to then once you graduated or moved away you were no longer close with these people? The reason is because your closeness was based on proximity and once that was removed there was nothing keeping you connected. Then there are people that no matter how far apart you are from them, you maintain a close relationship. These people are your closest relationships because you relate with them on a deeper level, on distinct elements of compatibility. They are your core connections and the support system you need to help you to achieve your goals.

You don’t come across core connections everyday. So how do you improve your probability of developing core connections? It’s not as complicated as you might think, you need to identify the things you’re passionate about at your core. Once you’re putting yourself in environments that relate to your core, you’re already around people that you share an element of compatibility with so the likelihood of cultivating core connections increases. A significant benefit of purposely developing core connections with people in a specific area where you are pursuing a goal is that you can create a “Dream Team” that can work together to help each other reach goals.

When I’ve had to relocate this technique has worked for me. I’ve gotten involved in activities that energized me and I naturally gravitated towards certain people that have supported my efforts and have helped me become successful. You can only be close with a limited amount of people without spreading yourself thin so at any given time you should aim to have three core connections in your local area. Core connections can empower you to go to a higher level in your life, and as I’ve shared earlier, it’s been shown that meaningful connections, people you know on deeper level, boost your emotional health and well being.


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