connecting the pieces

When you are first introduced to someone, during that initial conversation you ask them questions about their occupation, where they’re from, what school they attended, social activities, etc. Why do we all do this? We do this to make assessments about their background like their socio-economic status and the type of people they affiliate with regularly. The purpose of collecting this information is to gauge if we have any similar values. We instinctively go through this vetting ritual to determine if we have anything in common with this person, is there a connection between us that can add value to our life.

If there’s a common link that can potentially be meaningful, we will offer that person the opportunity to connect with us further. If there’s no apparent link, we will most likely end the interaction there. Therefore, offering ourselves to connect with another person is a gift that we consciously decide whether to give or withhold.

So what is the Connect with your Calling project about? An article in March 2014 issue of O Magazine by Dr. Sanjay Gupta ( highlights a study that asserts a person’s quality of life is based on the number of meaningful connections they have with others and at any given time roughly 60 million Americans suffer from loneliness. To advocate for better mental health, O Magazine is promoting purposeful social interactions with the “Just Say Hello Campaign” where people are encouraged to say hello to a person they wouldn’t normally talk to or reconnect with a person they haven’t been in touch with for a while.

I plan to take this campaign one step further, during The Connect with your Calling project, I will intentionally seek to connect people that on the surface wouldn’t have anything in common but can empower each other to reach their full potential. I hope that you will follow this journey with me. It’s my desire that you realize there’s power in connecting that can help you as well as someone else create a more meaningful life.

  1. Hello,
    Just hearing this message from you today has changed my life
    I look forward to joining you and others on this magical journey.

    Thank you

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