I started this blog after reading an article in O magazine about the #JustSayHello campaign, which discussed how making meaningful connections can increase a person’s quality of life and mental health. The overall purpose of the Connect with your Calling blog is to help it’s readers learn how to make the specific connections they need to achieve a big dream. Also, to find people that I could coach through the process of finding the missing link to fulfill their potential.

I held a Twitter contest with the women’s empowerment organization, I Know Somebody Houston in October of 2014 to give away tickets to Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend event in Houston, TX. I did this in the hopes of meeting people that I could help find connections to achieve their life’s purpose. At the Oprah event, I met the first place winner Tracie Jae and the second place winner Rhonda Wheeler.

I’ve been working closely with Rhonda Wheeler, the owner of a dessert catering company that specializes in creating eye-catching candy buffet tables, and personalized candy bouquets. Her dreams are to expand her business with retail stores by incorporating candy decor into retail storefront window displays and to launch a product line of DIY (Do it Yourself) Candy Buffet Catering Kits that gives the customer all the supplies they need to create their own beautifully decorated candy buffet table for a variety of small events. These dreams were inspired by Dana Tanamachi, who has incorporated chalk art into elegant retail storefront window displays and has product lines with her chalk art designs.

I’m so excited because the first goal is starting to happen. The fashion retail store Lavo Collections in Sugarland, TX is featuring #Fashion Candy line in their storefront window display from April 26-May 10, 2015.

We’re still working on the second dream. She’s currently in talks with a retail chain to carry her product line of DIY Candy Buffet Catering Kits. I’ve received such fulfillment guiding Rhonda through the process of making strategic connections that can help her achieve her dreams. And to think all of this started because I was willing to #JustSayHello to someone I met at an Oprah event and come together to create something that’s meaningful to us.


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